June 4, 2008

Hi! If you are here you must have a reason and that may be that you probably heard of my books and the series, “Empire of the Wolf.”

In 2007, I was recovering from a knee replacement (400 parachute jumps) and got tired of the books I was reading. I thought, “I can do better than this crap.” They emoted too much, had too little action, and the so-called sex was boring. Many sci-fi books are now written by women who disguise historical romances as sci-fi. Hey, it works! I bought too many romance novels hiding as sci-fi and got tired of them.

As I started to write I decided to use some of my experiences and those of my friends in the book. I was in the US Army for twenty years, with seventeen of them in Special Forces, so I have quite a bit of knowledge about both SF and Army operations.

“Empire of the Wolf” is a sci-fi series about a star-faring Empire of wolf-human hybrids who are engaged in a war with an evil religious theocracy called Marduk. The first book “Princess of the Empire” should be available sometime in June 2008. The second one, titled “The Warlord of Tarna,” will be out later in 2008.

I found out the left-wing, knee-jerk book agents in New York like chic-lit, romances, and they must all emote. I don’t emote and the characters in my books don’t either. They are direct and tough like soldiers and wolves are.

I’ve had several wolf-hybrids over the years and studied quite a bit about them so their personalities and actions come through in the books. The lead female in the books acts like a wolf at times. There is no magic in the books, the hybrids are a simply a part of evolution as we are.

The lead guy is a Special Forces soldier in Afghanistan and is not happy at being recalled to active duty, just as many SF soldiers were recalled and even more volunteered to return to active duty after 9/11.
The books are supposed to be a fun read and if the thought of hand-to-hand combat, sex with a hot werewolf, battles in space and no slow parts are what you like, then this is it.

I have written articles for sailing magazines and newsletters, I have raced and crewed on sailboats here in Tampa Bay and the Gulf area. Most of my sailing articles are somewhat funny and not very serious. I’ve been dismasted and capsized a few boats so I’m not very safe or cautious. I’ve jumped out of airplanes five miles off the coast at night and had to swim in to shore so flipping a boat’s not a big deal, but I notice it is to some people (my wife, for one). I’m also a member of FOMA, check it out online.

WW are not my initials they are my grandfathers on both side of the family. One was the smartest with only a third grade education and helped raise me. The other killed a man in a gun fight over politics and beat his son half to death because he was hung over from moonshine and could not get up and plow the back 40. (Nice guy, huh?) 

WW (Wayne) Rutland, CW3, SF Ret., Tampa


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