WW Rutland served twenty years in the US Army (two in the 82nd ABN division and the rest in Special Forces) as a Brigade Advisor, sniper, hand-to-hand combat instructor, and Intelligence Operator. His service included time in all of the guerrilla wars in Central America, eleven Third World countries, the Middle East, Far East, and Central America.

A Special Forces diver with HALO qualifications, his awards include a Meritorious Service Medal, several Accommodation Medals, a Combat Infantry Badge, and a dozen Foreign Jump Wings, the rarest being from Iran. Skills include Kung-Fu and Hap-Ki-Do, and a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do.

He retired a Chief Warrant Officer (CW3) and has a BA in History and Political Science. He speaks a little broken Korean and a lot of bad Spanish.

A biker, pilot, and sailor who races catamaran sailboats, he has many strange friends around the world, is a Life Member of the NRA, and distrusts all politicians.

Rutland’s published works include articles for sailing newsletters and in Multihulls Magazine. He lives in Tampa, Florida with his  concubines, Dobermans, guns, and sailboats.

WW Rutland Photo 

 El Salvador


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