Princess of the Wolf

Princess of the Wolf

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“This book is a fun read…could not put it down. I highly recommend this book ” — J. Cotten

“This book was a great read… Caution, this is not your typical werewolf novel! Definitely a book written by a male for readers who prefer action to descriptions. Rutland gives us a refreshing view of werewolves… I found them more realistic that the romance version werewolves.” — J. Bell

“From page one until the end, it’s a real page turner. I simply couldn’t put it down… Rutland, a man who has been there and done that in the US Army Special Forces, has mastered the technique of making people feel like they are on the battlefield – whether here on earth, in space or a foreign planet in another galaxy. I can’t wait for the next in the series.” — R. Cantrell

“Man! I’m glad I got in on this exciting new series when the first book… It’s refreshing to read miltech stuff that’s doable instead of the “fictional no work dreams” of writers who have never been there. The best new series by a legitimate, experienced, Special Forces author since Berry Sadler’s series….recommend strongly…” — C. Randall

“I don’t normally read fiction, especially military fiction, but I had to read this one. The main character, Chief, reminds me of a retired SF that I know. Look forward to the second installment.” — R. Wankered

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